Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Transform your recycling into world-changing donations to the charity of your choice.
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Download the App

Now available on the IOS and Google Play app stores, download the app to start making a difference.
Propose a Charity

Propose a Charity

Start your own initiative in your community and propose a charity you would like to help with Cycle.
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The Revolutionary Way to Turn a Good Deed into a Better One

Every time you recycle with us, we guarantee that your plastic bottles and aluminum cans will be recycled properly. Not only will your bottle be recycled, but you’ll help change the world for the better. Cycle is turning your plastic bottles and aluminum cans into valuable donations to charity.

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How We Work

About us

We are Solving a Global Issue, One Bottle at a Time

Institutions and consumers alike are needed to make a large scale impact
The current flaws in personal, single-stream recycling are preventing an effective large scale sustainable economy
Cycle provides a way to directly streamline clean and presorted product from consumers back into the recycling ecosystem
The post-consumer product market is growing, with world-wide companies such as Adidas and Coca Cola pledging to use only recycled plastics by 2030 and 2050
Tree Saved


Tree Saved

Animals Saved


Animals Saved

Solar Installed


Solar Installed

Water Resources


Water Resources

How It Works

Cycle enhances both ends of the recycling process, providing a rewarding user experience, and back end solutions for handlers and processors.

Insert material
Deposit bottles or cans into the machine
Scan QR code
Use the cycle app to scan the uniquely generated QR code
Gift your cycle points to your prefered charity
material sorted, compressed and stored
Cycle smart bin uses unique sensors and scanners to determine material eligibility
Material transported
PET plastic and aluminum is sent to our partners
Material transformed
Post-consumer material is converted into new product

The Team

Anwar Khan

CEO and Co-Founder from Omaha,

University of miami class of 2022 student, studying Ecosystem Science and German.

Colin Hively

Head of strategy and Co-founder from Jamestown, Rhode Island.

University of Miami class of 2022 student, studying Environmental Policy and Economics.

Harrison Mount

CTO and Co-Founder New Canaan,

University of Miami class of 2021 student, studying Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Connor Pohl

COO and Co-Founder from Cincinnati,

University of Miami class of 2022 student, studying Microbiology & Immunology and Economics.

Noah Barrows

CFO and Co-Founder from Atlanta,

University of Miami class of 2022 student, studying Finance and Business Technology.

Julie Young

VP of marketing and social media from vero beach,

University of Miami class of 2022
student, studying Marketing. test holder here

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